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84.51° Insights

Understand, engage and activate your customer along the path to purchase

84.51° Insights delivers 35+ petabytes of first-party customer data, shopper science, and strategy, giving you unparalleled business knowledge and customer intelligence. Our insights products will help you better understand the shopper’s path to purchase, then empower you to build and execute the most comprehensive and personalized customer-centric strategies.

84.51° Stratum

84.51° Stratum is a breakthrough analytics self-serve solution that combines rich customer behavior insights with retail performance measures to deliver science-powered insights that drive results.

84.51° Stratum revolutionizes how strategic decisions are informed. Powered by first-party customer data captured from in-store and online transactions, 84.51° Stratum is the omnichannel insights solution to power merchandising, marketing, advertising and e-commerce decisions.

This allows you to:

  • Get to actionable results in an easy-to-use, user interface
  • Access category information across your entire portfolio of brands, with options to expand to broader categories across the entire store
  • Gain deep customer understanding – including proprietary household segmentations, demographic classifications, and ability to define audience segments based on behavior
  • Act on timely insights - last week’s data available Monday morning with sales and inventory measures updated daily
  • Learn from 4+ years of history, and visibility to over 62 million households and over 2 billion annual transactions in 35 states
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84.51° Collaborative Cloud

84.51° Collaborative Cloud is the ideal data science platform that puts our first-party data in an easy-to-use, privacy compliant environment, enabling companies to unleash the potential of their data science teams.

84.51° Collaborative Cloud provides access to unaggregated transaction-level data with a persistent household identifier for over 62 million households that is clean, ready to use and at basket granularity so your team can get to work executing innovative analytics and influencing consumer-centric strategies, innovating within a platform that will expand and evolve for the future.

This allows you to:

  • Provide a strong foundation for your data science team, leveraging our best-in-class grocery data and our two decades of data science experience to elevate and extend the influence of your data science organization
  • Make data science a competitive advantage for your organization - not just a data-driven culture but truly science-first
  • Have confidence in your strategies and react quickly to unplanned disruptions
  • Control your data future
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84.51° In-Queries

84.51° In-Queries is an intuitive self-serve consumer research platform that uses behavioral targeting based on first-party data, so users can reach verified purchasers quickly.

84.51° In-Queries gives users access to consumer research at the pace of their business needs. The platform gives users control to create and field surveys with confidence that they're reaching the right people.

This allows you to:

  • Leverage the high-quality data you trust from 84.51° and be confident that you’re talking to the right consumers by targeting verified purchasers, without making tradeoffs.
  • Build surveys and conduct research on your own timeline and at the pace of your business needs.
  • Kick off research when you are ready and streamline processes by eliminating administrative hurdles.
  • Conduct consumer research at any skill and experience level.

Research & Analytics

We apply industry-leading data science and cutting-edge techniques to address the most pressing needs of the consumer packaged goods industry.

Our data science and analytics is complemented with cutting-edge research that brings together the “what” and the “why” of consumers. The experience we have integrating the voice of the consumer with big data empowers our CPG and other clients to understand shoppers at a human level.

Our Solutions:

  • Merchandising and Retail
  • Omnichannel
  • Brand Health and Marketing
  • Innovation
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