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Harness our powerful first-party shopper data

Identify business opportunities, influence shopper behaviors and measure sales trends and shifts that impact category growth.

#1 rated* in customer insights, retail media and shopper loyalty capabilities

84.51° equips our client partners to have full understanding of sales trends and consumer preference through our leading customer insights, retail media and shopper loyalty capabilities. *(Path to Purchase IQ, Trends Report 2023)

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84.51° Insights

84.51° Insights brings together first-party customer data, shopper science and strategy to give brands, agencies and grocery-affiliated partners unparalleled business knowledge and customer intelligence to drive a variety of business objectives.

We help our partners better understand the shopper’s path to purchase. Through our flagship insights product – 84.51° Stratum, custom Research & Analytics solutions and evolving access to actionable shopper data via 84.51° Collaborative Cloud, we empower our client partners to build and execute the most comprehensive and personalized customer-centric strategies.

  • Inform your digital and e-commerce strategies - rich in-store versus online reporting to understand brand performance, channel development and omnichannel shopper behavior
  • Retain and acquire new customers - shopper profiling through behavioral and demographic segmentations with flexibility to build your own unique household groups via custom segmentations
  • New product launch diagnostics - early reads on brand and competive innovation performance including incrementality to the portfolio and trial and repeat patterns as soon as four weeks into launch
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84.51° Loyalty Marketing

Best Customer Communication (BCC) is a platform within our loyalty marketing capabilities that allows for consumer packaged goods companies to reward loyal shoppers. By leveraging customer insights and actual purchase behavior, BCC delivers relevant and targeted offers and content to customers through loyal customer mailers and MyMagazine.

  • Reward/retain your most valuable brand buyers at Kroger
  • Acquire new households to grow your business
  • Support innovation by introducing your new products to existing category buyers with a high propensity to try new items
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Kroger Precision Marketing

Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), powered by 84.51°, is the retail media business of Kroger designed to make brand advertising more effective by closing the loop between media exposure and store sales.

With KPM, our client partners can apply 84.51° targeting science and sales measurement through on-site advertising, direct advertising, programmatic advertising and through media partners like Roku, Meredith, Pinterest, Facebook and Pandora.

  • Inspire new households to shop your category
  • Convert in-market shoppers to build bigger baskets
  • Measure sales results and optimize your media performance
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The power to impact purchase

#1 Ranking in... sharing actionable shopper insights, retail media traffic driving capabilities, most effective personalized offers

Path to Purchase IQ, Trends Report 2023

#1 Ranking in... Retail media targeting effectiveness, retail media measurement capabilities

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