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Uncovering a growing demand for plant-based meats

June 16, 2021


The PBFA identified casual consumers of plant-based foods – “flexitarians” as a high-potential growth group. They hypothesized that shelving products popular with this group in the Meat department would accelerate adoption and drive even more customers into plant-based foods through increased product visibility and an improved shopping experience.


84.51° designed an in-store test for 2 markets which was executed in partnership with Kroger. The impact of the test in driving key KPIs was measured via causal impact analysis. Shopper interviews, an email and education for store personnel were conducted/launched in parallel with the test

23% uplift in sales for the plant-based items that were moved into the test stores compared to control stores.


PBFA uncovered a better understanding of flexitarian shoppers and motivations and learned that reasons for shopping plant-based vary by generation. The quantified impact across KPIs guided merchandising and marketing decisions for plant-based meats, as well as other plant-based alternative products.

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