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Bring over 62 million U.S. households into the room with you and revolutionize the way you work with your clients

84.51° is here to help you win with dedicated support from both 84.51° Insights and Kroger Precision Marketing. Whether your agency specializes in media, shopper marketing, analytics, commerce, or creative - you now have an opportunity to access the rich behavioral data we've been known for in the Consumer Packaged Good and retailer industries for years.

The competitive advantage for agencies

84.51° is uniquely positioned to support your agency needs from upstream strategy and planning to executing highly targeted media campaigns. 84.51° offers unparalleled omnichannel insights through our self-serve analytics solutions, in addition to our full-service capablities.

84.51° Stratum

84.51° Stratum Agency Solutions is your day-to-day insights portal, providing you with granular, real-time, first-party purchase data, refreshed weekly. Answer a wide array of business questions through pre-built reports and aggregated data. Ability to query any combination of product, geography, segment, transaction type, modality and time period to produce the views you need each week. Streamline data transfers across systems and teams, reducing human error and effort.

  • Rich in-store versus online reporting available to understand brand performance, channel development and omnichannel shopper behavior.
  • Understand shopper profile through behavioral and demographic segmentations from 100% sample or build your own unique household groups via custom segmentations.
  • Demonstrate your analytical expertise and deliver exceptional value to your clients.
  • Give yourself a competitive advantage in a pitch amd win new business.
  • Make data-driven recommendations across strategy, creative and media.
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84.51° Collaborative Cloud

To reimagine the data science experience for our agency clients, we took our robust & granular first-party data and moved it to a shared cloud. Build, run and transform the data to deliver unmatched insight to the clients you support. Meet: 84.51° Collaborative Cloud for agencies.

  • A data scientist’s dream - access to clean, unaggregated transaction-level data in a privacy-protected environment.
  • Leverage your in-house data and build amplified data models and custom analyses.
  • Strengthen your omnichannel strategy by knowing who to invest in, when to do so, and through which channels.
  • Identify attributes of your best customers or at-risk households and uncover lifetime value.
  • Win during seasonal time periods and be proactive during disruptions.
  • Understand path to purchase instore and online.
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Kroger Precision Marketing

Powerful first-party data identifies households with three times more attributable sales than the average shopper. Activate across Roku, Pandora, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or the open web. Measure meaningful metrics like incremental sales lift, household penetration and return on ad spend.

  • Reach the most relevant households and reduce wasted impressions.
  • Closed-loop measurement that matches media exposure to in-store or online sales.
  • Clean, compliant, opt-in data activated on a TAG-certified platform.
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The power to impact purchase

Unparalleled results from high-quality first-party data based on the Kroger Family of Stores opt-in loyalty cards.

Over 62 million U.S. households 84.51° data comes from real purchases made by over 62 million households in the U.S.

95% of sales dollars captured, measured and stored. All refreshed on a weekly basis in real-time and ready for your analysis.

Interested in learning more?

Contact agencysolutions@8451.com