Product & Design at 84.51˚

Our Product & Design team brings industry-leading insights, media and retail experiences to our customers through innovative products and services.

What the 84.51° Product & Design team does

The Product & Design team discovers and places user needs at the center of our products and experiences. By understanding how users interact with our products, this team helps engineers prioritize what needs to be built.

What they're good at

84.51°'s Product & Design team are experts at creating visions and strategies. They are authorities at road mapping, prioritizing and measuring because they are the key to our relationship and stakeholder management. The Product & Design team is skilled at solving problems and are strategic thinkers and prioritize delivering value in an iterative, agile way.

  • Organized
  • Agile
  • Design Thinkers
Careers Product And Design 540 X 480

Insights brought to life

The Product & Design team uses software to solve problems for our internal and external partners. They are the decision makers who define the vision of our products and build road maps for delivering value.

Open Positions

Early career paths

New to the field? Our university programs and early career paths will allow you to dive head-first into the world of customer data. We have roles that vary across Consulting, Data Science, Engineering, Product & Design, Consumer Research.

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