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June 09, 2021

How Cargill leveraged its 84.51° Stratum subscription to expand distribution in the deli meat category.


Cargill developed three new premium deli meat items. Cargill recognized the need for data-driven insights to support the recommendation for geographical placement of this new brand.


Cargill utilized 84.51° Stratum diving into its shopper profile reports and key performance indicator reports to learn where premium deli meat would have the greatest chance of success. High potential households were identified based on past purchases of premium deli meat.

“By leveraging 84.51° data we are able to tell a more compelling sales story and give our customer the peace of mind that our new product solutions would drive incremental sales. A true win/win.”

Hilary Gerard, Marketing Director, Cargill


Kroger placed all three items in the seven divisions which had highest concentration of premium deli meat shoppers. The three items are projected to drive $18M in sales over the next year, at a single retailer. Cargill plans to continue to leverage 84.51° Stratum to understand new item performance once the items are in market.

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