84.51° Stratum is a breakthrough analytics self-serve solution that combines rich customer behavior insights with retail performance measures to deliver science-powered insights that drive results.

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Understand shopper behavior to drive business decisions

84.51° Stratum is powered by data from over 62 million households encompassing over 2 billion brick and mortar and digital transactions every year. You’ll find the data to be easily accessible and clear in its application. 84.51° Stratum revolutionizes how insights come to life for everyday users, allowing them to better understand performance, shopper behavior, and position products for success.

Total Portfolio Access

Access to all products (your own and competitors) within your total portfolio. Use insights to activate data-driven strategies to grow your business.

Deep Shopper Understanding

Leverage the latest in 84.51° shopper science. Understand behavioral loyalty and multi-dimensional views of shoppers to fuel customer-first strategies.

Timely Insights

Address urgent business questions. Shopper data from last week delivered this week. POS, inventory, and supply chain data delivered daily.

4+ Years of History

Capture past benchmarks to assess current performance and understand long-term trends with historical data.

Paramount Visibility

Access top-line performance and behavior all the way down to UPC granularity. View insights in total or slice by specific geographies, households, and modalities.

Log-in, explore insights, make informed data-driven decisions, & drive results

84.51° Stratum delivers best-in-class insights with a user experience that makes data exploration and decision making simple.

Enjoy The User-Centered Design

That continues to evolve to meet emerging needs.

Dynamically Learn and Adjust

Find an insight that drives further questions? Simply change a report parameter to get to the next helpful insight.

Efficiently Explore Data

Understand top-line performance and benchmarks all the way down to granular, UPC level detail.

Easily Interpret Results

Data explanations and visualizations embedded into reporting to support user understanding.

Who Can Benefit from 84.51° Stratum?

84.51° Stratum serves a multitude of entities…CPGs, distributors, brokers, product licensors, researchers, food associations, food marketers, and agencies all find value in 84.51° Stratum.

84.51° Stratum Subscriptions

There is an 84.51° Stratum subscription for you. Access to reports and capabilities vary by subscription. Fill out this form and an Insights Account Manager will reach out to help you determine the 84.51° Stratum Subscription that will best meet your needs.

10,675 Custom Segmentations were created by 84.51° Stratum users – that’s over 40 new segmentations every day!

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84.51° Stratum Expanded Product Level Access

At base, all 84.51° Stratum subscribers receive total portfolio access. With expanded product level access, however, 84.51° Stratum subscribers unlock additional insights to drive even more value.

This allows you to:

  • Expand your access to a Total Department, All Food Items or All Non-Food Items, or All Departments (available only with a Platinum subscription)
  • Amplify instances to identify emerging trends, innovation whitespace – including brand line extension, potential M&A opportunities, understand threats beyond current portfolio
  • Develop cross-promotional strategies and benchmark performance across more categories

We’re leading a data revolution in the retail business, and we’re looking for partners who are ready for a deeper, more personal approach to customer engagement.

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