You ask the right questions. We find the right customers. You get the right answers - fast.

84.51° In-Queries is a self-serve consumer research platform for the CPG industry that uses behavioral targeting based on first-party data, so you can reach verified purchasers and start seeing results in as little as 24 hours.

In Queries

Get quality and control without sacrificing speed.

With 84.51° In-Queries, you can quickly create and launch research projects at the pace of your business needs.

Confidently reach the right consumers

Reach target groups that are known to exhibit the desired purchase behavior based on first party transaction data.

Flexible survey design, on your terms

Field simple to sophisticated custom research without the need for a full-service provider.

Execute research at the speed of business

Kick off and field research within the same day, and get results back fast in a real-time dashboard.

The right research. Right away.

You design the research. We get it in front of the right shoppers - fast.

Analyze results in real-time

Results showing in as little as 24 hours after fielding, available in the online dashboard.

Build and confirm sample feasibility

Seamlessly, on your own, within the platform.

Utilize tools and thought starters

Support to get to the right questions with in-app resources.

Streamline administrative processes

Kick-off research whenever you’re ready – without delays. No need for briefs, SOWs, or POs.

84.51° In-Queries can help answer your business questions. 

Launch a product.

Get your concept in front of verified shoppers pre-launch to gauge interest, purchase intent and feedback on packaging, placement, pricing, etc.

Plan for a can’t-miss season.

Proactively ask customers how they plan to shop your category during an upcoming holiday to inform in-store and digital merchandising and marketing strategy.

Respond to market changes quickly.

You notice household and share declines for your brand.  Reach out to decliners to understand why they are leaving, where they are going, and what could bring them back.

Act as a trusted advisor.

Your category is experiencing heavy switching and disruption due to macro-economic events.  Quickly vet hypotheses around motivations with the shoppers who matter most, and collaborate on strategies to retain loyalty.

Field periodic surveys among known customers to understand their attitudes, perceptions and needs from your brand and category.

Identify messages that resonate.

Understand how your most important shoppers perceive your brand and get feedback prior to launching a campaign.