Consulting at 84.51°

Through data-driven insights, consultants create informed merchandising & activation strategies that transform the customer shopping experience driving business results for 84.51°, Kroger and our client partners. 

What an 84.51° Consultant does

Consultants leverage data-driven insights, intimate understanding of their client needs and business and industry knowledge to identify customer pain points and solve business problems. They use their learnings and expertise to deliver solutions such as world-class digital media and marketing campaigns, maximized product launches and personalized offers.

What they're good at

Our strategic consultants are results-oriented critical thinkers. They have a handle on communication and marketing strategies, and know how to leverage analytics to make better business decisions.

  • Collaborative
  • Analytical
  • Problem-solvers
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The backbone to our business

Our consultants are experts at making personalized experiences for customers and driving long-term growth for client partners. They use insights from customer purchase data to develop actionable recommendations and see these strategies through to measurement.

Open Positions

Early career paths

New to the field? Our university programs and early career paths will allow you to dive head-first into the world of customer data. We have roles that vary across Consulting, Data Science, Engineering, Product & Design, Consumer Research.

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