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Right-sizing products & promotions to meet customer needs

January 10, 2022

How Perfetti Van Melle leveraged 84.51° Stratum Platinum to get gum sales to stick.


With Checklane Candy sales declining at the onset of COVID-19, Perfetti needed to understand where their gum volume was going in order to shift strategies. The team wondered if households were buying gum elsewhere in the store, switching to competitors, or leaving the category all together. As purchases shifted to online modalities during COVID-19, these challenges intensified.


To answer their questions and build a more robust strategy, Perfetti, a long-term 84.51° Stratum subscriber, invested in temporary access to the Platinum level so they could leverage Switching and Modality (e-commerce) reports. These reports became instrumental for understanding that gum sales from the Checklane business shifted to in-aisle UPCs, as customers shopped for larger pack sizes.

"Utilizing the depth of Platinum insights helped us to adjust our businses strategy, resulting in Mentos gum to now outpace the category."

Matt Montgomery, National Business Manager Perfetti Van Melle


Through Platinum reporting insights, Perfetti determined how to better manage their portfolio and promotional strategies, with the knowledge that shoppers were seeking out larger pack sizes. While Perfetti's gum business was down -6% in 2020, Perfetti gum is now up 7% in 2021 YTD. Perfetti upgraded to continue leveraging the breadth and depth of Platinum insights.

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