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Loyalty Marketing

Grow, reward and retain your very best customer

84.51° Loyalty Marketing builds long-term engagement with its best customers by personalizing rewards with brands and products that customers love. With a deep knowledge of how they respond, through rich test and control measurement, we provide targeted and personalized offers and messages along the path to purchase. This enables brands to drive growth that result in incremental trips and sales.


Best Customer Communications (BCC)

BCC is a key driver to supporting Kroger’s customer-first strategy and driving loyalty for customers.

BCC has been engaging with Kroger loyal customers and embedded in the marketing mix for nearly two decades. We continue to focus on driving incremental value for our CPG partners not only as part of Kroger’s Customer First strategy but because our CPGs enjoy the value that the program delivers to their business.

With BCC you can:

  • Reward and retain your most valuable brand buyers at Kroger
  • Acquire new households to grow your business
  • Support innovation by introducing your new products to existing category buyers with a high propensity to try new items
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84.51°, as part of the Kroger enterprise, leads in data performance ratings

#1 in shopper data actionability*

Source: Path to Purchase IQ, Trends Report 2023

#1 in retail media targeting effectiveness*

#1 in retail media measurement capabilities*

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