Engineering at 84.51°

Engineers are at the heart of our solutions and products because we connect data, science and technology. We collectively design, develop and support complex software and infrastructure systems. Engineering spans both the development of our solutions and the management of our systems and platforms.

What an 84.51° Engineer does

Using cutting-edge technologies and an agile development methodology, our engineers work in focused teams and collaborate with Product, Data Science, Science and Consultants. We also build internal-facing applications as well as platforms and processes that form our backbone. We follow best-in-class practices within interdisciplinary teams to deliver world-class solutions.

What they're good at

84.51° engineers are critical thinkers and problem-solvers who are passionate about technology and making customers' lives easier. They thrive in the full life cycle from ideation to creating a solution to support. They constantly drive toward robust, performant, automated and scalable solutions.

  • Critical Thinkers
  • Problem Solvers
  • Collaborative
Careers Data Science 540 X 480

Technology driven critical thinkers

Our engineering roles vary and specialize in all areas of the discipline. Our software engineers are skilled developers and our infrastructure and cloud technologists are IT experts. We have full-stack engineers, big data engineers, security engineers, infrastructure and cloud engineers and more.

Open Positions

Early career paths

New to the field? Our university programs and early career paths will allow you to dive head-first into the world of customer data. We have roles that vary across Consulting, Data Science, Engineering, Product & Design, Consumer Research.

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