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Building a 2021 forecasting model to account for new and lapsed COVID buyers

June 01, 2021

Predicting the future without a crystal ball: How Conagra Brands built a better forecasting model with the 84.51° Collaborative Cloud..


The anomalies of 2020 retail presented a significant challenge to any forecaster. With periods of empty shelves and changing consumer consumption habits, Conagra wanted to understand shopper behavior using their custom segmentation and own data scientists.


Leveraging the 84.51° Collaborative Cloud, we built a shared data environment. This collaboration was powered by 84.51° transaction-level shopper data and included persistent household identifiers so Conagra’s Data Science team can evaluate shopping behavior changes across many products and predict which new behaviors are sticking.

“The Collaborative Cloud has become a go-to resource for my team’s most complex analyses. As we work to make great tasting food for consumers, it covers the bases for our modern, data-driven approach for innovation: speed, compatibility with our tech stack and a robust national footprint of household purchase behavior.”

Brian Archey, Senior Director, Data Science & Analytics, Conagra Brands


Conagra’s team is making smarter decisions on production levels, shopper retention efforts and marketing spend. The Collaborative Cloud is informing strategies to retain a disproportionate number of new brand buyers in 2021.

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