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Kroger Precision Marketing team named in Business Insider’s “Rising Stars of Adtech”

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Business Insider announced its third annual list of up-and-comers who specialize in advertising technology, including the product strategist for Kroger Precision Marketing’s in-house media platform, Jason Comack.  

The list includes mid-career professionals who are solving some of the advertising industry's toughest problems, and seizing its newest opportunities, according to Business Insider.  

Comack was recognized as one of this year’s 33 “Rising Stars of AdTech,” based on his work with a cross-functional team of engineers and developers to build foundational advertising technology for Kroger Precision Marketing.  

Introduced in 2023, the Kroger Ad Platform is a self-service tool leveraging retail data to streamline the process for advertisers in purchasing, evaluating, and refining their campaigns. The platform brings greater interoperability between channels like commerce media, search, social, and streaming TV. 

The Kroger Ad Platform also enables advertisers who use third-party management tools such as Pacvue and Skai to manage their Kroger media campaigns. Today, the platform includes Kroger onsite search and display inventory, and eventually will incorporate KPM’s full suite of retail media solutions. 

Since its launch, significant operational enhancements have led to increased return on ad spend and click-through rates in a year-over-year comparison. Recently added features include: 

  • Suggested Bid Recommender, which uses science-based bid performance estimates to calculate a suggested bid value aimed at optimizing ROAS. 

  • Incremental ROAS Reporting, which measures incremental return-on-ad-spend (iROAS) for targeted onsite display campaigns. 

  • Sub Commodity Recommender, which streamlines the selection of sub-commodities for targeted onsite display ads by providing data-driven recommendations.  

In 2024, Kroger Precision Marketing will bring a swath of new features to the Kroger Ad Platform. They will include new tools to simplify campaign creation, recommendation tools, and a library of pre-optimized, purchase-based audiences.  

“We’re just beginning to see how this new platform can drive experiences,” said Christine Foster, VP, Product Strategy and Operations for Kroger Precision Marketing. “Jason Comack’s strategic role has helped KPM leap forward in elevating the experiences of both customers and brands. We are proud of him and our cross-functional teams for bringing the Kroger Ad Platform to life.”  

Read more about this year’s rising stars of ad tech at Business Insider.  

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