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84.51° Whitepaper Offers Insights on Winning with the Omnichannel Shopper in the Face of Disruption

Constrained budgets increase deal-seeking behavior and the importance of a seamless omnichannel experience 

CINCINNATI, Ohio – July 27, 2023 – 84.51°, a leading retail data science, insights and media company and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kroger Co., today introduced a new whitepaper focused on Winning with the Omnichannel Shopper in the Face of Disruption.  

The research found the top behaviors among customers because of inflationary pressures center around making choices about what goes in their baskets. This uncertainty has omnichannel shoppers changing their behaviors both online and in stores as they look to stretch their constrained budgets. Understanding these shifts is necessary to meet shoppers where they are today. 

“Rising prices at the grocery store remain a top concern for most customers and have encouraged them to find ways to combat inflation to stretch their dollars further,” said Kelli Fulton, Collaborative Insights Consultant at 84.51°. “70% are looking for sales, deals and coupons more often, and more than half are cutting back on items – overall and on each trip – and openly switching to lower-cost brands.”

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These shifting behaviors put significant pressure on brand loyalty. When customers are disproportionately driven by price, they are increasingly willing to skip products that are considered a “nice to have” versus a “must have” and switch to competitors that may deliver a similar benefit at a cheaper price.

Omnichannel shoppers are also looking for a seamless shopping experience, which means that they expect the same experience across their online and in-store shopping. Specifically, this means that coupons, prices, quality of products and the brands offered should be the same in all channels. When shopping online, 88% of omnichannel consumers state that, “accuracy of the order” is most important to them, followed by 81% claiming that “availability of items on my list,” as the second highest expectation. Product availability is so important to the omnichannel customer that 19% will buy the out-of-stock item elsewhere and 6% will switch their entire cart to a different online retailer who has the item in-stock.

With an informed omnichannel approach backed by data-driven insights, brands and retailers can address shoppers’ expectations and needs no matter how and where those customers choose to shop.

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