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Winning with the omnichannel shopper in the face of disruption 


The combination of several recent macro-economic events has driven massive shifts in customer behavior that impact the current omnichannel landscape. COVID-19 disrupted supply chains, changed how (and what) foods shoppers consumed and caused many to change their lifestyles. As a result, a growing number of shoppers have added online shopping into their regular grocery shopping routines.  

Inflation is shifting behaviors

As disruption and uncertainty around inflation continue, constrained budgets are affecting where customers shop, what they buy and how they save. Inflationary pressures are causing shoppers to make different choices about what goes in their baskets. For example, our research found that 70% are looking for sales, deals and coupons more often, and more than half are cutting back on items — overall and on each trip — and openly switching to lower-cost brands.   

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Ensuring a positive shopper experience

The most loyal ecommerce shoppers spend the most at a retailer overall. So how can brands and retailers move shoppers up the loyalty ladder? The key to ensuring a positive online experience for omnichannel shoppers is to provide a seamless experience between their in-store and online shopping.  

To meet these needs and increase ecommerce loyalty, brands and retailers should consider: 

  • Adequate supply: Ensure that during key selling periods, your products are available both online and in-store to increase satisfaction.  

  • Online accuracy: Make sure the items your shoppers expect to find in-store can also be found online.  

  • Relevant coupons: Do you have the coupons that households are looking for online (even if purchasing in-store)? 

  • Quality substitutions: Make sure if shopper’s first choice is not available, a substitution is offered that they will be happy with. 

Uncover more insights about today’s omnichannel shoppers 

As disruption continues to affect omnichannel shopping, brands must stay in tune with evolving consumer attitudes to meet shoppers with relevant offers and experiences, no matter how and where they shop. To better understand how omnichannel shoppers are reacting to today’s macro-economic trends and how to respond, read our new white paper, Winning with the omnichannel shopper in the face of disruption. 


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