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Future of Consumer Series: The rise of capability-as-a-service

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By: Milen Mahadevan, President
Subject Matter Expert

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In a new episode of Deloitte's "That Make Cents" podcast, 84.51˚ President and CEO, Milen Mahadevan joins Deloitte's consumer industry Chief Futurist, Kasey Lobaugh to take a closer look at how the emergence and growth of capability-as-a-service are causing a major convergence and reconfiguration in the consumer industry. Listen as they dive into the evolution of the consumer industry, the lower barriers to entry for consumer companies today, and the role they can play in the larger consumer ecosystem. As a bonus, hear what these industry leaders have to say about the evolution of generative AI in the coming years.

8451 SME Profile Headshots 385 X 400 Milen M 2 X
Milen Mahadevan, President
Subject Matter Expert
Milen Mahadevan was named president in July 2020 after serving as Chief Operating Officer of 84.51°. Mahadevan is responsible for the day-to-day leadership, management and vision for 84.51° to deliver best-in-class re...learn more

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