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Winsight Grocery Business: More sights and sounds from Groceryshop 2021

Enduring Habit Changes

Omnichannel is here to stay, behind shoppers that use in-store and e-comm modes interchangeably, Barbara Connors of Kroger's analytics arm 84.51°, said in an interview with WGB. That means retailers need to lean in on insights on that shopper.

The firm's findings - based on Kroger customer data and backed with shopper interviews - indicate that the swing to food-at-home in the pandemic has begun to reverse but that the mix of meals consumed between home and restaurants will not resemble the split they showed prior to COVID.

That's because of near-term price and lingering COVID concerns; but also because of lasting lifestyle trends pointing to the longer term: Customers have discovered they enjoy preparing their own food, and made lifestyle changes associated with more home-meal consumption - such as a better ability to adopt or stick to diets, Connors said.

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