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What is 84.51°?

By: Tim Ruffner, Total Rewards Manager, HR
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Over the last four years or so, a lot of people have asked me, “What is 84.51°?”

In simple terms, 84.51° is a retail data science, insights and media company… but what does that mean?

It means we help Kroger and consumer-packaged-goods companies create more personalized and valuable experiences for shoppers. We do that with an endless array of knowledge about how and how much the grocery business touches the lives of millions of people in our nation every day. The foundational elements of 84.51° – data science, customer insights and research and loyalty marketing – are a fascinating launch pad for innovations that are reshaping every aspect of the retail grocery experience, from the aisle to the Kroger app.

And at the heart of each one of those initiatives is one very simple concept: We make people’s lives easier.

In its simplest form, making people’s lives easier might mean receiving coupons for the items you are buying anyway via our loyalty program. But we do more than just that.

We get shoppers what they want, when they want it and how they want it…

… with electronic shelf edges at the store.

… with personalized shopping experiences and buying options that increase convenience and accessibility.

… by putting milk at the front of the store to speed up that way-home-from-work shopping trip or – especially now – that trip during the work-from-home day.

… by organizing peanut butter and jelly near the fruit snacks because we know shoppers with children are buying both.

… by helping consumer-packaged-goods companies get the products you love into your hands with relevant advertising and promotions that are appealing.

It’s the 84.51° values of Limitless Minds, Fearless Hearts, and Relentless Delivery. It’s hundreds of subject matter experts that make up 84.51°, mobilizing Kroger’s customer value proposition.

At a basic level, we’re making it easier for Kroger customers to nourish and care for themselves and their families. People provide all our inputs, and people benefit from our outputs.

As an 84.51° associate, it’s an awesome perk to be amid the science and technology being built and have the fortune to consume the outputs once they are brought to life on each shopping trip – whether it’s in the store, in the car or on the couch. Not every company can count that as part of their associate experience.

From my desk in downtown Cincinnati and at home, that’s 84.51°.

Tim Ruffner, Total Rewards Manager, HR
As Total Rewards Manager, Human Resources, Tim Ruffner is responsible for administering 84.51°’s compensation plans, programs, and processes, along with market analysis, reporting, Workday configuration, communication...

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