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The wise marketer: How 84.51° is Solving for an Optimal Grocery Shopping Experience

Today's consumers are busier and more budget-conscious than ever. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “It’s Been 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income,” reported that food prices are at a 30-year high. In the grocery channel, that means they are more challenging to serve and engage to their satisfaction.

Through Kroger’s loyalty card program, retail data science company 84.51° has identified how grocery retailers and their partner CPGs can win customer loyalty by offering these shoppers the optimal grocery shopping experience.

Powered by cutting-edge science, 84.51° leverages transaction data from over 62 million U.S. households to fuel a more customer-centric journey utilizing 84.51° Insights, 84.51° Loyalty Marketing, and its retail media advertising solution, Kroger Precision Marketing.

84.51°’s Omnichannel Trends Report redefines the “omnichannel” shopper as a “hybrid” shopper in recognition of the blended channel behaviors exhibited by grocery shoppers. Over 80% of omnichannel shoppers state that order accuracy and availability are crucial when shopping online, and 23% claim they will go elsewhere if items are out of stock. 77% of shoppers will still purchase an out-of-stock item immediately in-store or during their next online or in-store purchase.


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