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Supermarket Perimeter: Snacks all around: what's trending in produce, deli, dairy, bakery

The top category consumers regularly purchase as a treat is snacks, according to a recent report from Cincinnati-based 84.51°.

Specifically, the top treat category holds snacks/candy, drinks (including soft drinks and juice), and produce equally. In the report, available as an e-book titled “The Future: 5 Key Insights Powering Grocery’s Next Era,” 84.51° explained that consumers are just as likely (34%) to purchase produce as a treat as they are to purchase drinks and snacks/candy.

The data is based on an August 2023 survey of consumers who had shopped at Kroger in the last three months.

The second top category consumers regularly purchase for treats is dairy (31%). Deli, meat and seafood make up the third top category at 30%. As for treats that consumers purchase sometimes, the top three categories are fresh bakery (58%), snacks/candy (57%), and frozen food (52%).

84.51°’s report also broke down the survey results by income level to see how regular indulgences differed across three groups. For those with an income under $50K, regular indulgences were ranked snacks/candy (38%), drinks (34%), and produce (32%).


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