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The future: 5 key insights powering grocery's next era

Navigating the grocery shopping landscape requires strategy rooted in consumer insights. Inflation, omnichannel expectations and changing brand loyalties are driving massive shifts in consumer behavior. For CPG brands, standing still is not an option – nimble evolution is an imperative.     By combining attitudinal research and transactional data encompassing millions of households, we’ve uncovered five pivotal insights into the shopper mindset along with actionable takeaways in our new ebook:  

1. Budget-conscious shopping – How inflation is redefining perceptions of value and deals    2. Consumer willingness to switch to private label brands – What brands can do to retain customers    3. Consumers want a seamless omnichannel experience – The digital-physical retail convergence aka “phygital” and how to adapt to an omnichannel future  

 4. The evolving definition of loyalty – The evolution of brand loyalty and tips for staying top-of-mind among shoppers    5. Freshness is a top priority – Freshness is rising as a product expectation. With messaging centered on freshness, brands can tap into shopper priorities spanning sustainability, health, taste and affordability  

Read the ebook to understand how consumer priorities are changing and where new opportunities are opening up. With these insights, CPG brands can take proactive steps to earn wallet share in an evolving landscape.  


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