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Snowday Conference: Patrick Kelly spotlights 84.51° Collaborative Cloud at Snowflake virtual event

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In November 2021, 84.51°’s Vice President of Product and Design, Patrick Kelly, spoke at Snowday – a half-day virtual conference hosted by the data cloud company Snowflake. The theme of the event was “The View Ahead” – giving attendees the opportunity to hear the latest advancements Snowflake and others are making across the data cloud and how they can start to put these advancements into practice for their business.

During the event, Patrick spoke with Christian Kleinerman, Senior Vice President of Product at Snowflake, to discuss 84.51˚’s latest advancement in retail data science, including the launch of its latest product, 84.51° Collaborative Cloud.

Below is a short recap of their conversation.

I understand that you have lots of very interesting data and a great data capability to extract and gain insight from that data. Can you tell us about that?

84.51° has been around for a long time and we have data on nearly half of U.S. households. That’s 2 billion transactions annually across 60 million households. That’s an incredible data asset that we are building science and insights on top of every single day. We want to put the value of those insights and that science in the hands of the data science teams at our clients and partners. CPGs are best-in-class at manufacturing goods and selling them to consumers. Now they are being asked to be leading technology companies so they are hiring great talent, and investing in technology and data. That is an incredibly complex world. We want to meet our clients and partners where their need is, and we believe that every investment in data science can go further through a partnership with 84.51°. We’re really excited to bring the 84.51° Collaborative Cloud to market to do just that. It’s an offering and a platform that’s designed for our clients and partners to empower them to build their own analytics and their own data science with the best of 84.51° data.

What are the visible benefits to clients?

The end value is not rooted in the excitement that we get talking about the technology that delivers it. Rather, it’s bringing the insights and the science as close to the activation and business strategies as possible. Allow me to share an example. We were working with a CPG partner of ours at the beginning of 2020. We had some analyses that we were enabling them to build at the beginning of the year. Then the pandemic hit. After that, everyone from their CEO across their executive team needed to understand what was happening and they needed to understand it now. As an 84.51° Collaborative Cloud partner, they had a data asset at their disposal that represented half of America. It’s last week’s data available on Monday. That’s transformational. Almost immediately, those insights became the core of how they were going to solve their problems for their customers. They could answer questions like:

  • What products were they switching to?

  • What was getting out of stock quickly?

  • How did that need impact the supply chain?

  • How did that need impact promotions and marketing efforts?

Those are some of the real business challenges that they were able to address using 84.51° Collaborative Cloud.

Hear what Patrick believes is the most impactful key differentiators of 84.51° Collaborative Cloud.

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