Collaborative Cloud

How are leading brands transforming their business with data science?
One step at a time.

Data science is ready to transform how you do business. Thankfully, you don't have to have your entire data science strategy mapped out. All you have to do is take the next step. The technology, expertise, and data of 84.51° Collaborative Cloud will help you do the rest.

Collaborative Cloud
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84.51° Collaborative Cloud in action 

Here’s how leading consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) are already using the 84.51° Collaborative Cloud platform to leverage data science for a competitive advantage 

Data democratization and centralization

Getting our point-of-sale and customer data back into their own data lake and integrating BI tools for function-specific or cross-retailer dashboards, so they can monitor initiative results in near-real time.  

Price, Promotion, Trade and Marketing Optimization

Uncovering insights around item-level elasticities, shopper sensitivities and retail media audiences to make their dollars work harder. 

Customer Segmentation & Lifetime Value

Identifying which customers matter most to a brand, and which customers present opportunities. Constructing propensity or lookalike models to create a plan for growth, then activating through pricing, promo, and targeting offers.

Revenue Growth Management and New Item Launches

Optimizing the shelf set, identifying where to expand the brand, and tracking how launches are performing with key segments. Testing in-store and digital tactics to create more successful launches.

Our transaction data. Your experts. Data science unleashed.

Robust first-party data

84.51° Collaborative Cloud users get access to UPC-level, unaggregated data from 2 billion annual transactions with a persistent household identifier. This ready-to-use data is prepped, cleaned and updated weekly in a collaborative environment.

Strategic consulting

84.51° has nearly two decades of data science consulting experience and can help your business and data science teams gain alignment on the most important business problems to solve. We provide ongoing consulting through the duration of your subscription, which means you spend dedicated time with our data scientists each week.

Intuitive data science platform

You can build your own code, models and IP to accompany our robust data asset, in an environment that best serves your unique data needs. To help get started, we also offer pre-built code and data science packages, which helps you answer a variety of the most common business questions.

Multiple coding languages

84.51° Collaborative Cloud is designed for data science teams who are writing code in Python, SQL, Scala and R, and are applying modeling to transaction-level data. The power of this solution lies in our core areas of 84.51° expertise: data and data science consulting, all made available through our industry-leading technology platforms.

“We look forward to continued opportunities to drive conversion and category growth in-store and online, with true collaboration to meet the right customers we identify as high-value shoppers in the 84.51° Collaborative Cloud platform.”

Kim Viccaro: North America Data Strategy & Activation Lead, Kenvue 

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Solutions for all levels of data science sophistication

Every organization is different, and so are the challenges you face whem leveraging data science. Our 84.51° Collaborative Cloud platform can help you take the next step to data science transformation, no matter where you fall on the spectrum of sophistication. The process begins with an important self-assessment acheived by asking two key questions:

Are business decisions informed by data? We call this: Cultural Readiness

What is your level of technical expertise? We call this: Technical Maturity

Knowing your Technical Maturity and Cultural Readiness will illuminate the right path to transformation.

Cultural Readiness



  • Eager to start, but under-invested in data, tools, technology and talent
  • Want to get started with confidence and speed
  • Evaluating paths for acceleration

Change Makers

Change Makers

  • Staffed, invested, and bets placed
  • Want to stay ahead and lead with elevated shopper intelligence
  • Scaling capabilities, automation and value

Just Starting

Just Starting

  • Identified the need to transform into a data science-led organization
  • Want to catch up, feel behind
  • Staffing up teams, setting up organization

Untapped Potential

Untapped Potential

  • Siloed: Talented technical team, under-leveraged by the business
  • Want to unlock ROI from data science investments
  • Connecting business teams through change management strategies
Technical Maturity
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Case study

Building a forecasting model to account for new and lapsed COVID buyers.

Learn how Conagra Brands optimizes shopper retention efforts with 84.51° Collaborative Cloud.

Case study

Access the most robust first-party transaction data

We’re leading a data revolution in the retail business, and we’re looking for partners who are ready for a deeper, more personal approach to customer engagement.

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