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Holidays 2022: 8 key shopper routine insights brands should know

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What’s on the horizon?

The 2022 holiday shopping season promises to be yet another unusual one. While global events are affecting supply chains and inflation levels, fewer health and safety restrictions have consumers looking forward to bringing back some of the traditions that put the “happy” in the holidays.

This year, consumers will be shopping differently both online and in-store for the groceries and other items that bring those celebrations to life. They are looking to the holiday season with an eye toward resuming gathering with family and friends while protecting their favorite traditions from price hikes and supply shortages.

The hybrid shopper is here to stay

The hybrid shopper has emerged as a growing segment of consumers who move comfortably between in-person and online shopping. Whether they’re “Digital Dabblers” or “Digital Champs,” these omnichannel shoppers will add online and in-store visits to their routines in new ways this holiday season. Dabblers are less committed to ecommerce versus in-store shopping, while Champs frequently shop online.

While there are similarities in how Dabblers and Champs shop in-store, unsurprisingly, the true difference lies in how they shop online. And though Dabblers and Champs may favor different shopping modalities, they’re all feeling the same effects of today’s economy, so it’s important to understand and respond to the ways their purchasing habits are changing.

Insights = opportunities

Shifting shopper behaviors will create significant opportunities for brands to drive awareness and impact holiday purchasing. No matter how their customers’ habits change, brands can leverage strategies to meet them when and where they are shopping to drive basket building.

Take a peek inside the minds of today’s consumers with eight shopper insights highlighting how they’ll be behaving and shopping differently this holiday season. See how their priorities are changing during the 2022 holidays — and why a strong omnichannel strategy will better serve their needs.

  • What will they be buying online vs. in-store?

  • Where are they planning to cut corners?

  • What are they willing to spend more on?

  • How will they be gathering this year?

The brands that can answer these questions will be well positioned to develop strong strategies across shopping modalities this season.

Shopping modalities are shifting. Learn why it’s important to have strong in-store and online strategies to drive engagement.

  • Brand loyalty is changing with inflation. Find out which brands shoppers will still be particular about.

  • Digital touchpoints matter. See which media channels shoppers will be looking to for holiday inspiration.

  • Shoppers are looking to cut costs. Learn how to build loyalty by helping them.

  • Digital coupon use climbs during the holidays. See who is using them and how.

Omnichannel opportunity

Every brand — regardless of size, popularity or commodity — has a chance to make an impact this holiday season.

The brands that activate and prioritize levers with today’s current environment in mind are the ones that will land their products into carts and win the in-store and digital shelf this season.

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