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How omnichannel shoppers are building their baskets

February 28, 2022

As online grocery shopping continues to grow in adoption, e-commerce strategies are a more important part of consumer-packaged goods overall plans. Winning with these new shoppers is what will drive overall growth today and in the future.

This infographic shares insights from new research that sought to answer questions about the shifts in behavior that ecommerce has enabled – new patterns we’ve formed, new behaviors we’ve adopted, and new preferences that have emerged.

State of omnichannel shopping

Overall adoption of ecommerce has grown 2X since 2019 and so has the rate of hybrid shopping, meaning shopping both online and in-store. Looking ahead, 85% of households plan to either maintain this accelerated rate of ecommerce usage or increase even further in 2022.

Spectrum of omnichannel shoppers

We now know that there is no single hybrid shopper persona. Instead, there is a spectrum of shoppers across the omnichannel continuum. One way to look at this spectrum to understand differences and similarities at both ends of adoption. On one side are the “digital dabblers,” who buy groceries online, but have low loyalty to the channel, typically because they are new to ecommerce. On the other end, we have “digital champs,” shoppers who are all in” on ecommerce, though also shop in-store.

Building a digital basket

When there is only one aisle – the digital aisle – it changes how baskets are built.

  • What are the new impulse items when there’s no checklane?
  • When it’s urgent what are the items needed “now?”
  • Mobile or desktop?

These point to opportunities for ecommerce practitioners – both from the brand and retail perspective – to better meet needs around convenience, confidence, control, and inspiration.

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