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Could your survey data be leading you astray?

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New research indicates that brands may be basing business decisions on insights derived from flawed consumer survey sampling methods. A study by 84.51° compared survey responses from self-claimed respondents to those from behaviorally-verified respondents. The differences were striking.

Respondents aren’t who you think they are 

One of the study’s key findings was that a majority of self-claimed respondents failed to meet the survey criteria. For instance, 75% of self-claimed respondents stated they purchased a category at Kroger in the past three months, but behavioral data indicated zero sales and units during the same period. 

Without verification through behavioral data, surveys depend on respondents accurately reporting specific behavioral details over time—an impossible task. Given the fallibility of memory, it is unrealistic to expect any shopper to perfectly recollect detailed information such as the number of units purchased, the amount of money spent or even the number of visits to a particular category.  

Key metrics were inaccurately elevated for self-claimed respondents

Across a variety of metrics such as purchase intent, ad measurement and brand attributes, results from self-claimed respondents were elevated by double digits compared to their behaviorally-verified counterparts.

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Additionally, self-claimed respondents demonstrated lower data quality, failing more quality checks related to attention and engagement. 

Ensure you’re relying on insights from the right consumer

When conducting surveys for market research, it’s crucial to hear from a sample that closely reflects your intended audience. Although unverified, recall-based responses are easier to collect, they should be a cause for concern as they may not accurately represent genuine purchase patterns.  

Getting responses from consumers that don’t match your ideal respondent profile can skew results and impact key decision making. Read our new white paper to learn how you can ensure you’re surveying the right respondents.  


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