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Development Program Grad Class of 2012: 10 Years Later: Greg Barkimer

8451 900 X 635 Grad Class Of 2012 Blog Header 900 X 635 Greg B 2 X

What first attracted you to 84.51° (formerly dunnhumby)?

The unique work and culture.

What was your first title at 84.51° (formerly dunnhumby)?


What were your primary responsibilities in your first role at 84.51° (formerly dunnhumby)?

I worked on the CPG custom insights business, completing projects to bring customer insights to CPG suppliers.

What are your primary responsibilities in your current role?

I support the Kroger Merchandising team with data science insights through store testing measurement and data insights to drive the main strategic initiatives of the Merchandising team.

Describe your path to your current role. How did you get here?

After starting on the CPG insights business, I spent several years on the KPM side of the business developing solutions to the growing capabilities of that business before transitioning over to the Kroger Merchandising side.

What has kept you at 84.51° for 10 years?

The business has grown in size and scope over my time here, vastly expanding the scale of questions we can impact and keeping the work challenging and fresh.

What are your career highlights or most memorable experiences at 84.51°?

The founding of 84.51° through the acquisition by Kroger was a memorable time. The initial weeks and months featured lots of exciting change and development to shape the future of the new company with a renewed vision to bring Kroger forward.

How do you feel the Development Program prepped you for success at 84.51°?

I was able to make meaningful contributions to projects quickly after completing the initial training of the Development Program. It really prepared me with all the tools I needed to hit the ground running.

Looking back when you first joined 84.51° (formerly dunnhumby) 10 years ago, is this where you thought you'd be in your career?

The partnership with Kroger is much stronger than I would have predicted.

What advice do you have for someone starting their career at 84.51°?

Learn as much as you can, don't close yourself off to opportunities, especially early in your career an experience on a team you might not initially choose can turn out to be extremely valuable.

How has 84.51° changed in the 10 years you've been with the company?

We're able to provide so many more insights that 10 years ago through the evolution of our expertise and technology. Things that were cutting edge when I joined are trivial or table stakes today.

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