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Outsmart your competition with data-driven shopper insights.

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What makes our data for agencies different?

What are the advantages of our data?

  • Its reliability: First-party data captured from shopper loyalty cards across the United States.
  • Its depth and breadth: We capture over 2 billion annual omnichannel transactions made by nearly 60 million households.
  • Its timeliness: Household data is refreshed on a weekly basis and aggregated for your analysis needs.
  • Its granularity: Slice and dice as you see fit down to UPC-level data, including unmasked private-label.
  • Its power: Unique in-store and online insights fueled by purchases from 1 out of 2 households in the U.S.

Why is it critical your agency leverages our insights?

  • Demonstrate your analytical expertise.
  • Give yourself a competitive advantage in a pitch.
  • Deliver exceptional value to your clients and win new ones.
  • Make data-driven recommendations across strategy, creative, and media.
  • Use it as supporting proof for ROI on marketing efforts.

How can teams within your agency utilize our insights?


  • Leverage easy-to-use reporting to quickly understand performance and shopper trends.
  • Understand segmented audiences based on custom-defined shopping behavior.


  • A data scientist’s dream: leverage clean, unaggregated transaction level data.
  • Allow our dataset to be a foundational asset, merge your in-house data, and build amplified data models and custom analyses.
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Don't just say you're a grocery retail expert. Prove it.

Once you've had a glimpse of our insights portal, it will be clear that 84.51° is your data insights partner. Contact us now for more information or to request a demo.