84.51° STRATUM

Delivering science-powered insights that drive results

Introducing 84.51° Stratum

84.51° Stratum is a breakthrough analytics solution that combines rich customer behavior insights with retail performance measures. 84.51° Stratum revolutionizes how brands position their products with consumers — both in-store and online, as it is powered by data captured from brick and mortar as well as online transactions.

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See 84.51° Stratum in action

From its personalized report libraries, to its easy-to-navigate interface, and clear charts and graphs — this will change the way you see your customers with data.


The 84.51° Difference

The power of 84.51° is our cutting edge data science and our ability to deliver holistic insights at scale powered by data captured for nearly 60 million households across 35 states.

With insights fueled by transactions from one out of every two households in the U.S., 84.51° Stratum can be used to draw conclusions that are representative of consumer behavior nationally. 84.51° Stratum delivers broad data assets with access to in-store and online purchases in a single view. Brands will also have greater flexibility to customize their experience — gathering data on sales performance, inventory and out-of-stocks, assortment, promotions, customer profiling and behavioral insights, new item performance, and in-store space management. 84.51° Stratum offers multiple subscription packages to meet varying needs and budgets.

Why 84.51° Stratum?

84.51° Stratum provides the industry-leading insights 84.51° is known for, with technology that delivers insights at the touch of a button, including:

Total Portfolio Access — Action at retail on data-driven strategies for all brands across your entire portfolio, along with a variety of product attributes.

Deep Customer Understanding — Activate, leveraging the latest in 84.51° segmentations, including behavioral loyalty across the store and multi-dimensional views of the customer.

Timely Insights — Accelerate ability to respond with insight-led recommendations, fueled by more timely customer insights.

More History — Learn from past performance and identify what's next with 4 years of historical performance and customer behavior over time.

Greater Scale — Maximize impact of customer-focused executions with greater visibility to transactions across the Kroger Enterprise, including Roundy's and Kroger digital platforms.

Expand access beyond your categories

Unlock additional insights through investment in access beyond your portfolio of brands. With 84.51° Stratum expanded access, see more categories, more departments, or all departments across the store, enabling:

• Identification of emerging trends, innovation whitespace, and potential M&A opportunities
• Understanding of potential threats for cannibalization of current portfolio
• Development of cross-promotional strategies and the ability to benchmark performance

And, the variety of product attributes delivered in 84.51° Stratum, including manufacturer and brand, enable an easier user experience and speed to insights. Expanded access also unlocks analytic funds, which can be leveraged for custom 84.51° insights projects.