Behavioral Analytics

35+ petabytes of first party customer data, our science - no crystal ball needed

Through our research & analytics solutions, we apply industry-leading data science to deliver actionable insights through proven solutions, spanning quick-turn products to highly-personalized insights projects that range from descriptive and diagnostic to predictive and prescriptive. 84.51°'s behavioral analytics empower our partners to make informed decisions that drive results.

Behavioral Analytics

Leverage the most robust first-party grocery shopper behavior data for analysis needs.

The remarkable breadth and depth of our unique behavioral data asset and complimentary capabilities allow us to answer a wide variety of business questions. Our ability to analyze niche shopper populations – while still maintaining robust sample size – powers our dynamic analyses and provides our clients with complete confidence in understanding shopper behavior.

Over 62 Million U.S. Households

With first-party data from over 62 million households, there is immense opportunity to learn from 84.51° households to inform strategy. The numbers tell the story.

Transactions Captured Each Year

Each transaction captures the date, day of week, time, store, state, division of purchase, products purchased, and more – along with associated household information based on the loyalty card.

Getting to the Heart of Your Business Question

84.51° insights account managers and data science teams can help you align on analysis scope, goals, and then help you find a solution.

Bring us your most complex shopper questions

Tell us all your shopper insights needs! We can leverage the best data, science, and people to deliver the answers.

Something For Everyone

Whether your insights needs can be met with one of our standardized quick-turn products or a highly-custom project, we can help answer anything, all with a strong foundation of shopper-science at the core of each analysis.

Leverage Existing Products

If your insights needs can be met with an existing product, we will work with you to align on parameters for analysis and actionable learnings will be delivered within weeks – depending on product and scope.

Build-Your-Own Analysis

If your insights needs are a bit more complex, we will partner closely with you to design and develop a custom analysis that delivers actionable insights to meet your precise needs.

84.51° Behavioral Analytics Solutions

Our proven, out-of-the-box solutions include:

35+ petabytes of first-party customer data to leverage in Behavioral Analytics projects

Customer Journey Suite of Insights

Gain Insights around how customers are entering, moving between and leaving different product groups and the motivations behind those actions. Dig into how those changes impact other relevant product groups. Use these insights to develop strategies to retain and grow loyalty within your portfolio.

Expandable Consumption

Understand how customers consume different sizes of products at different rates to predict which items can encourage the largest increase in consumption through trade up by offering new, larger pack sizes.

Space to Sales

Determine appropriate space allocation across planograms with pre-aggregated data at unmatched scale and flexibility. Hone in on key insights for custom product groups across store segments, divisions, and more.

Adjacency Optimization

Optimize your product placement, determine the best shelf / aisle flow to benefit the customer, your products, and the category.

Digital Journey Insights

With the rise in e-commerce comes a need to understand the digital shopper in order to optimize the online experience. Digital Journey provides insights on shopping behavior via Kroger’s digital properties (web and app). Learn HOW customers shop online to strategically meet shoppers where purchase decisions are being made.

Transferability of Demand

Use predictive analytics to measure the impact of specific assortment delete scenarios and existing item incrementality. As assortment strategies are being developed, simulate these scenarios to predict how many sales would be lost and how many would transfer to other items. Understand the risk associated with certain decisions, and create a plan to mitigate risk.

We’re leading a data revolution in the retail business, and we’re looking for partners who are ready for a deeper, more personal approach to customer engagement.

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