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She Can

Our associate resource group, Women’s EDGE, is passionate about providing resources, support and a community for its female colleagues looking to grow personally and professionally. One of the many ways they do this is by organizing 84.51° Women’s Month programming. This year’s theme is focused on the accomplishments of strong, determined women: “She can.”

She can

Build communities with intention

To kick off Women’s Month, Amy Vaughan, owner and chief empowerment officer of Together Digital, explored the importance of creating meaningful connections wherever we are. Amy shared her best tips for creating a sense of community and connection as she has with Together Digital’s community of over 500 women across the country.

  • Don’t wait to be included, include others
  • Unplug to reconnect
  • Model and invite vulnerability

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She can

Follow her passion

Tammie Scott was so inspired by stories her grandmother used to tell about Cincinnati's Cotton Club, and noticing a void in the Cincinnati night scene, she decided to open Nostalgia Wine and Jazz Lounge. The opening was both meaningful and momentous for Tammie, who shared her learnings as a female entrepreneur, as well as the lessons she’s lived through and learned from.

  • Never stop asking questions
  • Trust your own journey because it’s different for everyone
  • Identify people in your “village” whose strengths are different from yours

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