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Realm: Innovation starts with a mindset; Todd James

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Another commoditized business sector is market research, where 84.51° excels in analyzing data from Kroger shoppers. With information flowing in from 60 million U.S. households and more than two billion annual sales transactions, Chief Data and Technology Office Todd James says innovation is part of daily life at the downtown-based firm. “You really see the impact when business knowledge and science come together,” he says. “There’s an increasing focus on making sure our science is getting more intimate with the business clients so creativity can happen. That’s where you the benefits of applied analytics.”

The company invests in disruptive innovation, such as its 84.51° Collaborative Cloud platform, as well as in making sure innovation finds buys-in throughout the organization. Fostering such an environment across 800-plus employees is an integral part of what makes the analytics giant tick.”

Read the full Realm Magazine article beginning on page 45.

8451 SME Profile Headshots 385 X 400 Todd J 2 X
Chief Data & Technology Officer
As Chief Data & Technology Officer, Todd James paves the way for the continued growth of 84.51°, building on its rich data, science, and technology capabilities. A driver of digital transformation, Todd spent 15 year...
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