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CSA: Unlocking new retail insights with scaled video analytics

Cron Andrew 130748
Andrew Cron, SVP & Chief Scientist

The lines between digital and physical stores are becoming increasingly blurred.

Consider grocery stores. As grocery retailers embrace technology to enhance brick-and-mortar shopping, video analytics is emerging as a transformational tool. Scaled deployment of in-store video analytics leads to actionable shopper insights that can be utilized for personalizing experiences, optimizing merchandising strategies and streamlining store operations. For consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, video analytics unlock new opportunities to test and refine products and fuel smarter collaboration with grocery affiliates.

Retailers and CPGs are exploring exciting new applications of scaled video analytics solutions across their operations. When deployed responsibly, these technologies can provide unprecedented insights into the retail customer experience.


Cron Andrew 130748
Andrew Cron, SVP & Chief Scientist
As Senior Vice President & Chief Scientist, Andrew Cron is the Head of 84.51° Labs, whose mission is to accelerate transformational data science technology innovation across 84.51° and Kroger. Applications include ent...

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