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Roku Advertising: Retail media meets TV streaming: How Roku and Kroger Precision Marketing have multiplied their strengths

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Retail media was a hot topic at NRF 2023, one of the largest retail conferences of the year.

Retailers have a treasure trove of consumer data, and marketers tapping into those audiences are achieving strong return on investment while closing the loop between ad impressions and sales. As a result, budgets are rising quickly. Retail media will attract $61 billion in ad spending by 2024, according to eMarketer, nearly doubling its 2021 numbers.

Here at Roku, we’ve seen the power of retail media first-hand through our close partnership with popular grocery chain Kroger. Through this relationship, which leverages Kroger Precision Marketing’s customer purchase data, we’ve given advertisers the ability to build high-performing audiences and to directly attribute conversions from their Roku advertising.¹ Brands that leverage our joint technology are seeing uplifts in sales, household penetration, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

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We’re leading a data revolution in the retail business, and we’re looking for partners who are ready for a deeper, more personal approach to customer engagement.

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