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Path to Purchase IQ: How the next generation of retail media data boosts CPG sales

October 04, 2021

On day two of the Retail Media in Action virtual event on Oct. 12-13, Kroger Precision Marketing’s Adam Bittner will present alongside executives from T. Marzetti Company and Chobani in a session titled “What’s Working: How Brands are Driving Results with Retail Media.” Here, this guest column from Michael Schuh from Kroger Precision Marketing/84.51 dives further into the topic of retail media.

The media landscape is shifting as consumers have more control of their media and data than ever. How marketers approach media and data has shifted, too. Running media campaigns based on impressions alone doesn’t cut it anymore. CPGs need to know if their advertising investments are achieving real business outcomes — and which levers to adjust to optimize performance.

With a more transparent view of advertising performance, brands can benchmark and repeat success. The next generation of retail media data is helping CPGs understand the impact of their ad investments and make better advertising decisions.

Click here to read the full Path to Purchase article.

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