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Kroger Precision Marketing rated #1 retail media network for audience and measurement capabilities

Marketing executives give Kroger’s retail media network top marks in 2023 Path to Purchase Institute study

A survey of brand managers conducted by The Path to Purchase Institute (P2PI) ranked Kroger Precision Marketing by 84.51° (KPM) as the #1 retail media network for Targeting Effectiveness and Measurement Capabilities. Survey results appear in the P2PI 2023 annual trends report.

A global member community, P2PI provides insights, research, and inspiration for brands, retailers, agencies, and solution providers in the commerce marketing industry. Its annual Trends Report examines a variety of key issues that are influencing the future of shopper engagement. 

In the P2PI report, Kroger Precision Marketing had the highest percentage of respondents grading them as “excellent/very good” for targeting effectiveness.

“Our deep understanding of consumer behavior and preferences at a granular level, founded on a long history of customer analytics, allows us to build powerful customer segments and audiences,” said Anthony Kilili, VP, Data Science for Kroger Precision Marketing.

KPM’s machine learning-based approach leads to predictive and prescriptive solutions, generating highly responsive media audiences. “Our team of hundreds of talented data scientists have a relentless focus on using data to drive value for the consumer through personalization,” Kilili said.

Many media providers only produce static or standard audience segments. KPM, backed by the data science expertise of 84.51°, can generate custom audiences from 3,500+ data signals to ensure relevancy against campaign objectives and customer preferences.

Kroger Precision Marketing also topped the list of retail media networks rated as “excellent/very good” for measurement capabilities in the P2PI report.

“In addition to our world-class first-party data assets and science, advertisers appreciate our ability to prove the effect of media on driving meaningful business outcomes,” said Dan Mayer, VP, Media Platform for Kroger Precision Marketing.

Powered by Kroger’s popular loyalty card program, the measurement capability connects advertising exposure to in-store and online product sales. Control groups are designed to mirror campaign audiences – and attribute only the incremental impact of advertising. Campaign measurement comes at no extra cost for KPM advertisers.

Being ranked #1 for both targeting effectiveness and measurement capabilities represents another milestone in KPM’s journey to inspire shoppers.

Recently, KPM added Snapchat to its suite of full-funnel retail media solutions. Advertisers can combine the power of Kroger's first-party retail data with Snapchat's immersive ad formats to drive meaningful impact for their business.

This followed a recent expansion of the Kroger Private Marketplace to include video and CTV inventory, as Americans now spend more time watching streaming TV than cable. 

“We’ve proven that retail media can make advertising more effective through better targeting and measurement standards,” Mayer said. “These survey results affirm how we are raising performance expectations for the digital advertising industry.”

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