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Kroger Builds on an Invisible Advantage

Of all the ways innovation is happening in retail, some of the most profound changes are occurring in how retailers and brands engage with and influence shopper behavior. These marketing innovations, unlike a splashy new ad campaign, are happening in less visible ways that involve data capture, analytics, personalized offers, measurement, integration and optimization. They are also happening against a backdrop of huge changes in the way brand budgets are allocated against new and existing media types.

This is due to a quiet revolution happening in the marketing world where retailers have emerged as media platforms, networks in essence. This revolution hasn’t been all that quiet for those involved in marketing, but it is poised to gain traction in the second half of 2020 and beyond as digital grocery accelerates. Retailers large and small now realize the value of their shopper audiences in an increasingly digitally engaged world where everything is becoming clickable and shoppable. In such an environment, brand marketing budgets are being put to use in new, interconnected and highly measurable ways.

“As shoppers are changing their buying behaviors and there is an easier connection between an advertisement and influencing the buy, the reality is the days of historic silos in media investment choices are all starting to blur,” said Cara Pratt, Vice President of commercial and product strategy for Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51˚.

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