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Ad Monsters: How Retailers and Publishers Will Shape a Better Future in 2023

January 25, 2023

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2023 will be the year that retailers and publishers forge more strategic partnerships to fuel better advertising.

The timing couldn’t be better. The entire digital ecosystem is under pressure. Consumer expectations are higher than ever – and advertising budgets need to perform without relying on third-party data.

Retailers bring a unique solution to the digital industry: trusted consumer relationships. With their popular loyalty programs and ecommerce hubs, retailers can directly attribute advertising impressions to in-store buying behaviors.

But retailers can’t act alone. They’re also building bridges with an array of publisher partners to further extend the reach and impact of their retail media offerings.

Looking at the year ahead, here are some ways retailers and publishers will be working together to shape a better future for digital marketing.

Retailers and Publishers Will Be Part of the Sustainability Solution

The digital ad industry is addressing real challenges caused by its carbon footprint. Retail media data can help publishers to direct ads to the most relevant households — reducing advertising waste. This results in less energy consumption.

Advertisers have a right to expect greater transparency and visibility throughout the media supply chain.

8451 pardot email buttons-09 full article

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