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Coupons In The News: Most Shoppers Are Now Looking For Coupons – But Are They Finding Any?

With inflation a persistent problem in the grocery store, interest in coupons is perking up – so much so, that one survey now finds the deal-seeking behavior is at an all-time, post-pandemic high. But “looking for” coupons and “finding” coupons to use, aren’t quite the same thing.

The latest monthly consumer survey from the retail data analytics company 84.51° has found that nearly three out of four shoppers are now trying to take advantage of promotions to help make a dent in their rising grocery bills. When asked what changes they have made to their shopping habits, 71% now say they are looking for more coupons and deals – the highest percentage since 84.51° started asking that question earlier this year – up from 65% last month and just 56% at the beginning of 2022.

Read the full Coupons In The News article here.

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