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Coupons In The News: Coupons, Deals and Affordable Groceries Top Holiday Wish Lists

Never mind the latest gadgets or hottest toys – some holiday gift recipients this year would prefer a stocking stuffed with coupons, gift-wrapped grocery gift cards and a pantry full of food.

Typically, the holiday season is just too busy a time to be clipping coupons or browsing grocery circulars, and there are parties and family gatherings to plan for. So grocery spending tends to go up this time of year.

But this year, grocery spending is already up – way up. In 2021, the retail data analytics company 84.51° noted that holiday season grocery spending increased by 72% over typical non-holiday grocery spending for the average household. But because of inflation, shoppers this year “are already spending the same per month on groceries as they did during the holidays” last year, 84.51° found. And no one wants to see their already-high grocery bills increasing by another 72% just because it’s the holiday season.

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