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Winsight Grocery Business: 6 Ways Inflation-Wary Consumers are Changing Their Grocery Habits

July 29, 2022

Yes, shoppers are freaking out about higher food prices and they’re changing some behaviors. Here’s what retailers need to know.

They’re shopping less often.

Gas prices are finally starting to recede a bit, but they’ve no doubt had an impact on consumer behavior.

Thirty-four percent of consumers said they’re driving less, 25% said they’re shopping online and 24% said they’re shopping closer to home, according NeilsenIQ. Research from retail data science platform 84.51° put the number even higher, finding that 56% of consumers have reduced their driving because of high gas prices and 34% are grocery shopping less frequently.

Inflation, too, is prompting shoppers to visit the store less often.

By the first quarter of this year, food traffic to food stores had fallen 10% compared to the same period a year ago, according to location intelligence firm Gravy Analytics.

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