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What's in store for omnichannel retail? The knowledge you need now to meet consumers where they are shopping.

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How did we get here?

Consumers are grocery shopping online more than ever. The path to purchase continues to evolve. Initially, pandemic-driven safety concerns drove them to their computers and smartphones to order everything from diapers to toilet paper.

Now, in addition to the advantage of avoiding crowds, these omnichannel shoppers have warmed to the newfound convenience of filling their digital shopping carts at home, then either going to the store for pick up or scheduling a delivery.

Omnichannel is on the rise

Hybrid shopping refers to consumers who are using both ecommerce and in-store shopping modes to get their groceries, though not necessarily in the same trip.

Omnichannel insights = omnichannel opportunities

Omnichannel grocery shopping is in a pivotal growth moment. It's a great time to examine evolving shopping insights. With this intel, brands can proactively develop products and experiences that meet the consumer where they're shopping.

  • What do they prefer to buy at home?

  • What do they prefer to buy in-store?

  • What do they prefer to pick up?

  • What do they prefer to deliver?

Elevate your consumers' experience. Download our white paper.

  • Hybrid grocery shopping has increased 2x since 2019. Learn more about these consumers, from Digital Dabblers to Digital Champs.

  • The path to purchase continues to evolve - shoppers are putting different items in their basket. See what categories are ideal for each trip.

  • 2 in 3 online orders are made on mobile devices. See how they are building their baskets.

  • Impulse buying used to be focused on the checkout lane. See what new impulse categories have developed.

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