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Using NICS Results to Strengthen (& Sweeten) the Product Pipeline


Perfetti Van Melle was interested in launching multiple new items across different candy segments at Kroger. However, with limited check lane space, they needed to be able to prioritize which items would meet consumer needs and had the highest incremental sales potential for the category.


To help prioritize which new items to focus on, Perfetti invested in NICS. NICS’ targeting capabilities enabled them to gauge appeal among category shoppers, the TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis empowered them to quickly prioritize the mix of new items, and the combination of the New Item Scores and Claimed Additive Purchasing metrics provided a strong impact in their pitch to Kroger.

"Leveraging NICS results in our sales story helped us to justify the addition of an incremental item at Kroger." - Matt Montgomery, National Business Manager, Perfetti Van Melle


Using NICS, Perfetti was able to optimize their sales pitch to Kroger when they learned which of their new items had the highest incremental sales potential and largest consumer reach, as well as which items resonated best with their priority shopper segmentations. Using these results, Perfetti was able to shape their future product innovation pipeline and gain incremental distribution at Kroger.

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