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Today's Grocer: What's In-Store for Omnichannel Retail

Covid-19, ecommerce and inflation create new customer-first imperative.

Covid-19 formally ushered in a new era of omnichannel grocery. However, we now find ourselves on the precipice of yet another shift. Many are looking ahead with optimism towards the declining Covid-19 trends, but heightened anxiety towards rising prices.

Rise to a new standard of convenience.

Over the past two years, we adapted to remote work and school, welcomed hybrid models, and learned to respond to the unanticipated changes brought on by new Covid-19 waves. Fortunately, the expansion of ecommerce capabilities arrived at a time when customers needed it most. Many becoming hybrid shoppers, looking to both ecommrce and in-store for different shopping trips. Most still prefer to go in-store when they need something ASAP. However, many now prefer pick-up for their weekly stock-up, valuing the ability to build their order when they want, on their phone from their couch.

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