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The top products on consumers’ spring cleaning lists

Spring is the season of rejuvenation, revitalization and…cleaning. As the weather warms up and windows open, many people use this time to chase away the dust bunnies and freshen up their homes. In the latest issue of the Consumer Digest, we asked consumers about their spring cleaning plans, shopping patterns for health, beauty & personal care items and more.

Cleaning priorities

For a majority (57%) of consumers, cleaning windows is at the top of their spring cleaning list, followed by the refrigerator (52%) and bathroom shower (48%). As for what’s on their shopping list, many already have glass cleaners so they’re more likely to shop for products for cleaning the oven, floor/carpet and other areas.

Already on-hand (Items most likely to already have and plan to use this spring)

  • Laundry detergent (81%)

  • Liquid dish soap (81%)

  • Trash bags (80%)

  • Glass cleaner (79%)

On the shopping list (Items most likely to purchase this spring)

  • Oven cleaner (27%)

  • Floor/carpet Cleaners (26%)

  • Air care (25%)

  • Drain cleaner (22%)

SOURCE: 84.51° Real Time Insights, March 2023

Spending on health, beauty & personal care

We asked consumers if they have been splurging or cutting back on health, beauty & personal care products: 67% of shoppers told us they’re not splurging on those products and 32% are not cutting back.

If shoppers are cutting back on these products, top reasons include the item being too expensive, not using the item as frequently, not using the item at all anymore, or already having enough of the item on hand.

SOURCE: 84.51° Real Time Insights, March 2023

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