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The Shelby Report: 84.51° February Consumer Digest Report Shows Inflation Worries

How are shoppers cutting back to fight inflation? And what pandemic behaviors will stick? 84.51°, a Cincinnati-based retail data science company that helps Kroger and its partners, unpacks these insights and more in its February Consumer Digest.

Based on real-time insights surveys from February 2022, here’s the latest on shopper trends and behavioral analytics:

COVID-19 concern is trending downward among shoppers as cases start to decline. Thirty six percent claim they are extremely concerned about COVID-19 this month, while 68 percent of shoppers say they are very concerned with inflation. 84.51’s February report states that:

  • 56 percent have been looking for sales and promotions more often;

  • 40 percent have switched to a lower cost brand; and

  • 34 percent are cooking from home and 30 percent are going out less.

Click here to read the full Shelby Report article.

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