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The “say vs. do” gap in omnichannel shopping

Understanding how omnichannel shoppers prefer to shop and their purchase patterns are necessary to meet shoppers where they are today. At 84.51°, we’ve uncovered some discrepancies between what omnichannel shoppers say they do and what the purchase data reveals. Identifying these “say versus [PS1] do” gaps is key to truly understanding the omnichannel shopper. Uncovering the true in-store and online split When it comes to buying groceries online or in-store, 36% of omnichannel shoppers say they mostly shop online and 33% say they shop mostly in-store[PS2] . An analysis of the percentage of shopping trips by modality and ecommerce loyalty shows that even dedicated ecommerce shoppers complete about 40% of their grocery trips in-store.

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Moving beyond assumptions CPGs need to move beyond traditional assumptions and analyze shopper data to identify true customer behavior and preferences. The brands that can bridge the perception gap and make it easy for shoppers to buy what they want, when they want it, will gain an edge. To excel at omnichannel grocery, CPGs must decode what shoppers actually do versus what they say.


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