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The Food Institute: SNAP Users Face New Struggle in 2023

Consumers reliant upon federal SNAP benefits face an uphill battle as the dog days of summer approach.

The United States Congress canceled the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Emergency Allotments in March, meaning 42 million households that depend on such benefits faced financial strains.

A new survey shows that 62% of SNAP users said the cancelation of emergency allotments has significantly impacted their budgets. Retail data science company 84.51° also found that 48% of respondents are struggling to maintain a monthly budget.

“Now is a good time for brands and grocers to give back,” Bridget Allerton, director of commercial Insights at 84.51°, told The Food Institute. “Thirty-four percent of shoppers in the survey indicated that they use food banks more often since the end of Emergency Allotment payments.


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