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The Food Institute: Halloween 2022 Preview: Less Candy, Cheaper Food Purchases

October 31 could have a different look and feel this Fall because many consumers are cutting back on spending. Retail data company 84.51° recently captured consumer insights that show many consumers are looking to cut back on Halloween festivities this year – with 31% of consumers saying they don’t plan to celebrate on October 31 at all.

According to 84.51°, 33% of respondents said they plan to cut back on candy this year, while 23% indicated they plan to cut back on food for gatherings. Meanwhile, 18% said they plan to cut back on beverages for parties.

“Inflation is influencing the way shoppers spend as we gear up for the upcoming holiday season, and Halloween is no exception,” Barbara Connors, the VP of commercial insights at 84.51°, told The Food Institute. “Many are also evaluating ways to prioritize and stretch their holiday food budget.”

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